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Grind Type

Roast: Medium (Full City)
Green Apple, Chocolate, and Vanilla
Region: Central America
Country: Honduras

Indulge your senses with a cup of Tiger Island! This organic medium roast coffee features notes of orange, dark chocolate, toffee, and honey for an exquisite taste that will make you roar with delight! Try it today and experience the extraordinary.

Tiger Island is one of our favorites and arguably our most special coffee. Honduras is a major coffee producer. There's no doubt about that. What makes Tiger Island unique is where it comes from. Look for green apples, dark chocolate, toffee, and honey notes.

This organic bean is sourced from Honduras' most productive Comayagua region. Produced by various smallholder farms, this bean is processed, washed, and grown between 1200 and 1450 meters above sea level. It mixes Lempiras, Caturra, Catuai, IHCAFE 90, and Catimor varieties.

Heads up: 5LB bags may take an extra 1-2 days to roast and ship.

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