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Roast: Medium
Red Wine, Spices, and Chocolate
Region: Central America
Country: Costa Rica

Central America produces some of the best coffee on the planet, and this single-origin bean from Costa Rica is no different. If you're looking for a new favorite, this could very well be it. All the flavors and aromas that come with the signature Costa Rica farming techniques build toward a delicious medium roast that soothes you so much that you'll think you're on the beach.

You might find this coffee ends up a bit oilier than some of the others. We roast this coffee the same as other mediums but found this bean expels its oil a bit more over time. When looking at the bean, you'll still notice the seam is still rather light–indicative of medium roast.

Notice its lively acidity and its light body, and your nose will appreciate a more delicate and gentle aromatic profile. You'll likely find a sweet, wine-like flavor that finishes with spice and chocolate.


Coffee made its way to Costa Rica in 1779 from Cuba. In 1808, the first commercial levels of cultivation began and exporting started around 12 years later in 1820. In 1860, the first shipments made their way to the United States. Costa Rica is known as the first Central American country to produce coffee on a commercial level. 

Costa Rica is in a bit of a tight spot when it comes to the rising land values and the crop that significantly contributed to the economy that the country has today. Production levels have dropped over the years because land values have increased enough to make what was once a multi-generational family legacy less cost-effective to run compared to other endeavors or selling the land outright for development.

In recent years, a new generation of coffee farmers have taken hold of the beloved bean and created micro mills or small farms. Farmers have control of the entire coffee harvesting process, including washing, drying, milling, and packaging.

Heads up: 5LB bags may take an extra 1-2 days to roast and ship.

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