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Roast: Medium
Licorice, Chocolate, and Campfire
Region: Global

Some say the north shore of Lake Washington is the best place on Earth. They’re right. We could have found inspiration anywhere on the planet, but it just felt right to look here in our backyard for this magnificent representation of the Pacific Northwest. 

Northshore represents precisely what makes Kenmore beautiful. An eclectic mix of flavors and sensations that only those who dare to venture outside the urban Seattle jungle would ever come close to discovering. 

The lake is calling your name. 

Assembled using Sumatran Mandheling beans, you’ll never find a more aptly flavored coffee. With a touch of sweetness and a sprinkle of spice, rejuvenate, and get excited. Look for a buttery, almost syrupy smoothness with a touch of fruit and nut, some sweet chocolate and licorice notes, chased with a moderate level of earthiness

Heads up: 5LB bags may take an extra 1-2 days to roast and ship.

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