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Our Final Flight

It's been pretty quiet this year. I want to think it's for a good reason.

Over the last few months, I've been evaluating the future of Seaplane Coffee.

I started Seaplane Coffee in 2020. It was a pandemic project, and I liked the challenge. Delivering fresh-roasted coffee and filling the "your local Internet coffee roaster" role seemed an excellent idea. Just myself and my roasting partner, I had free reign to build whatever coffee brand I wanted, make it look like I wanted, and sell only the coffee I thought people would actually like.

Fast forward to 2023, and I've earned a loyal following, but expanding beyond the community became a challenge I couldn't fully overcome. In order to grow Seaplane Coffee into something that could climb up to the next level required resources I couldn't secure. In 2021, we (our family) moved out of Kenmore (which was part of the motivation for the re-brand that year), and in 2022, we had our first child. Losing the local connection and having an ever-dwindling amount of time became problematic.

So, I had a decision to make, and no matter how I played it out in my head, I always came back to one choice.

Ripping off the band-aid: Seaplane Coffee's last day of retail sales will be November 31, 2023. 

As much as I wanted to usher Seaplane Coffee into 2024, I don't think I can do it meaningfully. 

Here's everything you need to know:

Changes Coming November 1st

Starting November 1st, everything will be heavily discounted on This is about where cost sits for most items, on average. Inventory levels and availability have always been based on the gross weight of coffee available to bag, so if a coffee sells out, it sells out for all sizes at once.


12 oz bags will be $9.

2 lb bags will be $19.

5 lb bags will be $39.

Sample boxes will be $12.

Shipping will remain $5 for orders under $49; above $49 ships free.

A Note For Subscribers

Those with subscriptions that renew in November will have their dates moved up to November 1st to ensure your orders are fulfilled, plus see the final order doubled. (ex: if you receive 1two bag, usually, you'll get two). Once the orders are in the system, the subscriptions will be canceled, and new subscriptions will no longer be created. If you want to make changes, do so here before November 1st.I'm taking this route because there won't be any future ordering of coffee to account for low stock; once something sells out, it's gone, and I want to ensure you can still order before it's too late.

A Note For Gift Card Holders

You'll hear from me separately if you have an unclaimed gift card. The State of Washington has no maximums on how long a gift card can last, so you'll receive those funds back if you have unspent funds after November 31st. Optionally, now's the time to spend them.


This was a tricky letter to write. I know I'll look back on this endeavor and go through all the emotions, wishing I had done something differently, made a different choice, not done something else. The alternative was likely worse, and I couldn't reasonably leave y'all hanging. 

I've appreciated everyone, especially the most devout, who have been on this ride since the beginning. Shutting down a business is never easy; this one was even more difficult, and knowing I've got a group of folks who enjoy the coffee I've selected is genuinely heartwarming.


Your friend in coffee,

Johnathan Lyman
Seaplane Coffee

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