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We're Seaplane Coffee, a locally-owned coffee company existing purely online. You might even say we're Your Local Internet Coffee Roaster™.

(Yes, we ™-ed that, because it's our whole thing!)

Special Offer For Our Neighbors

As a thank you for checking out what we have to offer, take 30% off any single full-size bag of coffee (from 12oz to 5lb).

The discount is already active, but just in case, use the promo code NEIGHBOR23 at checkout and you're good to go!

Locally-Inspired Blends

We're channelling the Pacific Northwest with these fresh-roasted blends featuring beans from all over the world. Each of these coffees showcases what we think is unique to Seattle, Washington, and the Pacific Northwest as a whole. Take a journey without leaving your kitchen.

Unique Single Origins

We think our single origin coffees are truly unique. We strive to source coffee you can't find just anywhere. Look for what makes our single origins even special with organic farming, Rainforest Alliance certification, and more.

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