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Frequently Asked Questions

We're re-writing our FAQs. They'll be back, soon!

Purchasing & Shipping

What is the ordering and roasting process?

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Our roasting facility reviews all new orders every weekday morning, and usually processes and ships them the same day. There are rare occasions where it'll take an extra day or two–high volume orders, for example. If it's going to take any longer than that, we'll reach out.

Which countries can you ship to?

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The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

What is the price for shipping?

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Shipping in the United States is $5 for orders under $49. Above that, shipping is free. Shipping to other countries is based on the destination country and calculated at checkout.

Why do you charge for shipping, even to local customers?

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Charging a flat $5 for shipping is the best balance we could establish between absorbing the entire cost of shipping and having more expensive coffee, and passing the entire cost of shipping on at checkout and less expensive coffee.

Why can't I pick up my order?

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Our facility is not set up for visitors or local pickups at this time.

Which shipping method(s) do you use?

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USPS First Class Package and USPS Priority Mail. For international orders, USPS First Class Package International and USPS Priority Mail International.

Can I get coffee tomorrow?

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If tomorrow is a weekday, generally yes as long as the order is in by 8 AM and the destination address is within USPS' 1-day service area (about 150 miles).

I don't like what I ordered. Can I try something else?

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Definitely. Send us an email ( with your order number and we'll happily bag up something else. (Additional charges may apply if the replacement bag is more expensive).

What sizes do you carry?

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12 oz, 2 lb, and 5 lb.

$20/lb? No thanks.

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We understand that price is a big deal for some when it comes to coffee. Fresh-roasted, small-batch coffee is a more expensive process and we purchase higher quality beans than what one would find at national coffee chains or on most grocery store shelves.


How many subscriptions can I have?

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As many as you want.

When do subscription orders ship?

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As soon as the next business day. If you don't need your next order right away, adjust the next order date within the subscription portal.

How do I change my subscription(s)?

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All changes are handled through the subscription portal. You can also email us if you're unsure what to do or would like some input.

What is the price for subscription shipping?

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The same shipping rules and costs apply to both single- and subscription orders. To save money on shipping for recurring orders, consider having them all renew on the same day.

The Coffee

Where do you get your coffee from?

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A few different places. We purchase green coffee beans in bulk from local and national coffee importers.

Is my coffee organic?

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Our coffee is not currently certified organic (our facility is not certified) but some of the farms that grow our coffee are. We call those out on each product page when applicable.

Is my coffee fair trade/RFA/etc?

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We identify the coffee we sell as appropriate. Please review the product page for that information.

Can I buy green coffee?

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That's still in the works. We trialed green coffee sales in the past and took a lot of notes. More on that later in 2022.

Everything Else

My question still isn't answered.

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If you still have questions, shoot us an email:

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