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About Seaplane Coffee

Our Story

Seaplane Coffee was founded in early 2020, originally under the name Kenmore Coffee Company, just as the pandemic took hold of our community. When we went live that summer, we were most concerned with ensuring our neighbors had access to high-quality coffee, roasted locally, at a fair price.

We were founded in Kenmore, WA, and used the community as inspiration for what we roasted. The flavor profiles of our blends reflect that, and for those that no longer live in the area, these flavors do a great job of offering fond memories of home.

Fast forward to today, and we've opted to focus our efforts on being the best local online coffee retailer the Puget Sound has ever seen. We don't have a storefront and have no plans to set one up. We're excited about future projects that will make Seaplane Coffee more accessible to folks in our home city of Kenmore and around the Puget Sound.

Giving Back

We were acutely aware of coffee's impact on the planet when we started. A significant carbon footprint is left behind from farming to processing, shipping across the globe, trucking, roasting, and delivering.

When we were Kenmore Coffee Company, we offset the CO2 from our shipping by contributing to projects in the United States that helped get that done. We offset thousands of pounds of CO2 in that time but felt we could do more.

At Seaplane Coffee, we donate 1% of our sales to like projects worldwide. After doing the math, we found that 1% would triple our contribution and still allow us to offer affordable coffee to our neighbors and communities.

We're always looking for additional projects to contribute to help our communities, cities, and planet. If you have an idea, let us know.


One of the biggest things in sourcing green coffee beans is ensuring the smaller farmers benefit the most. Large factory farms are fine and produce a good product, but we're more interested in helping the small, family-owned operations in coffee-producing countries.

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