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Grind type

Roast: Medium
Earthy, Chocolate, and Spices
Region: Global

If you're looking for a unique flavor profile in your coffee, Trailhead is right on the money. A punchier and more aggressive version of our Northshore blend, it wouldn't be surprising to have this medium roast surface memories of brewing a pot in the early morning hours after emerging from your tent on a mountainside in the fall.

Sumatra is at Trailhead's base–Mandheling, to be specific–which introduces a beautiful arrangement of sensations, including a syrupy body, wonderfully low acid, a rich, earthy flavor, chocolatelicorice, and a spicy finish. Beans from Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia, India, and Uganda, make up the rest of this comforting blend.

Heads up: 5LB bags may take an extra 1-2 days to roast and ship.

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