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April 2021 Update

Happy Spring! The weather's getting nicer, and we're showing off our sunless legs a little bit more this month. It's given us the motivation to put out this newsletter and share what's going on. 

We've got some good news and some not-so-good news.

In This Issue:

  1. The Good News: 2 LB and 5LB bag are live!
  2. More Good News: New Bags!
  3. The Not-so-good News: Discontinuing Kona Breeze
  4. Variety Pack Ordering Change
  5. Help Us Decide Our First Limited Run!

The Good News: 2 LB and 5 LB bags are live!

Finally, right? It only took us way longer than we anticipated. 

All of the origins and blends we have on offer now come in 2 LB and 5 LB quantities with predictable pricing, too. We've seen some folks order multiple 12oz bags per month, and that's neat, but if you're a die-hard fan, grab a 2 LB bag instead. You'll save a little money and still get access to the sweet black gold.

Here's how the pricing breaks down:

All of the 12oz bags saw their prices round up to the next whole dollar. That was on purpose to make this next part easier. 

2 LB bags are 2.5x the 12oz bag price across the board.

5 LB bags are 2.33x the 2 LB bag price, too.

And that's it. Math over.

When choosing your grind type, you'll now also see a size. It'll look like this:

Side Note: There's a glitch in how the "member pricing" is displayed on the page. It'll always show the 12oz pricing regardless of the size chosen. The correct pricing will display in your cart and when checking out.

More Good News: New Bags!

With the advent of our new bag sizes, we wanted to freshen things up a bit. All of our bags and labels are new. We kept the existing artwork around, making small tweaks here and there. Folks have told us they're huge fans of the artwork and we just didn't feel right taking it away from y'all at this point. :)

The Not-so-good News: Discontinuing Kona Breeze

We had to make the tough decision to discontinue Kona Breeze for the time being. I'm a huge fan of it, myself, and I know a few of y'all are, too. Unfortunately, the price of Kona got too expensive, and we didn't feel it was right to bump up our costs high enough to adjust for it. 

With that in mind, we still really want to offer it and are looking at how we can do a limit run of it later this year. When we do, we'll announce to give you plenty of time to make room on your shelf. 

The last order of Kona went out today, and the site is updated accordingly. I know this news is sudden, and all signs pointed to things being good to keep going, but the winds shifted at the last moment, and we had to make a tough call.

Variety Pack Ordering Change

For those that like variety in life, we have an update that you'll want to make a note of. Historically, we've listed a variety pack as a separate item, featuring each of our blends or each of our single origins (except Kona Breeze). Quite a few folks mentioned they'd like to mix it up from time to time and maybe get two blends and a single origin, or three of the same blend. 

We've made a change to how we display variety packs now, and in fact, the concept of it as a specific item has gone away entirely. Instead, add three 12oz bags to your cart, and we'll take the 10% off then and there. This'll allow you to mix and match as you see fit. 

Even better still, the 10% discount applies to really any order of three bags or more, and those neat new 2 LB and 5 LB bags are included, too! No limits on the number of bags that receive a 10% discount. 

One change to pricing is worth mentioning here: The 10% discount only applies to single orders. Member orders receive a 15% discount across the board. Previously, members could stack their 15% discount on top of the 10% discount from the variety pack. This is no longer the case.

For those of you who had the variety pack as a part of your regularly delivered member shipment, I've gone through and updated your accounts to reflect this change, ensuring the pricing is honored, too. You'll be good to go for now, but any changes to your shipment will use the regular price - the 15% membership discount. 

Help Us Decide Our First Limited Run!

We're looking at doing a few limited runs this year from countries like Vietnam, Kenya, Jamaica, and Mexico. I'd love to get your input on where we should focus our efforts. Send us an email and let me know which countries are your favorites that we don't currently carry.

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